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Brand names: Uloric®, Adenuric®
German: Febuxostat

1 Definition

Febuxostat is an active substance that is part of the class of uricostatic drugs that lower the uric acid level in the blood.

2 Indications

Febuxostat is used in the treatment of adult patients with chronic hyperuricemia or gout. The presence of urate precipitations such as gouty tophi and gouty arthritis are very strong indicators for the administration of febuxostat.

3 Route of administration

The prescription drug is administered as tablets.

4 Pharmacokinetic

The bioavailability of febuxostat is 84%. In blood 92% of the substance is present bound to plasmaproteins. Metabolism takes place hepatically. Plasma half-life is six hours on average. 49% of febuxostat is eliminated renally, 45% is eliminated via feces.

5 Mechansim of action

Febuxostat inhibits the xanthine oxidase enzyme and through that the breakdown of purines (adenosine, guanosine) to uric acid. This leads to a decrease in the uric acid concentration in the blood and thus prevents the precipitation of urate crystals.

6 Undesired side effects

7 Contraindications


Specialties: Pharmaceutical drug

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