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Synonym: aconitate hydratase
German: Aconitase

1 Definition

Aconitase is the term for a group of enzymes that catalyze the reaction of citrate or isocitrate to aconitate. The reverse reaction is also catalyzed by the same enzymes.

2 Details

Aconitases serve an important function as a repressor molecule for the translation in the intracellular iron metabolism. They exist in the cytosol of all bacteria and eurkaryotes and play a key role in the citric acid cycle. In most organisms there exists another form of aconitase within the mitochondria, with bacteria being the exception.

3 Chemistry

Aconitase is a polypeptide that consists of 753 amino acids. It contains 4 iron atoms that are bound to 4 inorganic sulfides and 3 cysteine sulfur atoms.

4 Biochemistry

Humans have two different kinds of aconitase:

5 Genetics

The human aconitases are encoded by the ACO1 gene on chromosome 9 and the ACO2 gene on chromosome 22.

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