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German: retroperitoneal

1 Definition

Retroperitoneal is a term used to discribe structures and organs which are just anteriorly coverd by peritoneum.

2 Classification

The classification is given by the different development of the organs within the abdominal cavity.

2.1 Primarily retroperitoneal

Primarily retroperitoneal organs develop and remain anteriorly covered by peritoneum. They are:

2.2 Secondarily retroperitoneal

Secondarily retroperitoneal organs develop first intraperitoneal but they become retroperitoneal during embryogenesis. They are:

3 Mnemonic

A mnemonic for retroperitoneal organs is SAD PUCKER.

  • S = Suprarenal glands
  • A = Aorta and Inferior vena cava
  • D = Duodenum (except first two cm)
  • P = Pancreas (except tail of pancreas)
  • U = Ureter
  • C = Colon (ascending and descending part)
  • K = Kidney
  • E = Esophagus
  • R = Rectum

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