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Amaurosis fugax

Synonym: Transient loss of vision

German: Amaurosis fugax

1 Definition

Amaurosis fugax is defined as a transient visual disorder, which is caused by circulatory problems of the retinal vessels.

2 Etiology and clinical presentation

In most cases, the cause is a sudden unilateral occlusion of the central retinal artery (retinal ischemia) with a subsequent painless loss of vision.

Frequent causes include:

3 Diagnostics and therapy

Amaurosis fugax is basically self-limiting. However, it should be regarded as a warning sign for the underlying disease. You should absolutely proceed with further diagnostics (Doppler sonography, echocardiography, rheumatism serology).

In cases of known temporal arteritis, you have to start a prednisolone short-term therapy to prevent permanent blindness.

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