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Ductus lymphaticus dexter

Synonym: right lymphatic duct
German: Ductus lymphaticus dexter

1 Definition

The ductus lymphaticus dexter is a large lymph vessel that collects the lymph from the upper right half of the body and the right venous angle.

2 Anatomy

The ductus lymphaticus dexter is only about 1-2 cm long and is the medial border of the musculus scalenus anterior. It is formed by the union of the truncus dexter bronchomediastinal (collects the lymph from the right lung and diaphragm), the truncus subclavius dexter (collects the lymph from the arm) and the truncus jugularis dexter (collects the lymph from the head and neck region). The ductus lymphaticus dexter empties into the right venous angle, formed of the right internal jugular vein and the right subclavian vein.

The lymph from all other regions of the body is collected in the ductus thoracicus.

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