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Christina Rider has edited the Flexikon article Insulin
The peptide hormone insulin regulates the absorption of glucose in body cells. It has a glucose-lowering effect and plays an essential role in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Insulin is the natural antagonist of the hormone glucagon.
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Friman Mark has edited the Flexikon article Heart failure
Heart failure is present when the heart is unable to provide the cardiac output needed by the organism at normal end-diastolic ventricular pressure.
According to the WHO, heart failure is defined as reduced physical resilience due to a functional ... [more]
Bijan Fink has edited the Flexikon article Scapula
The scapula forms the posterior part of the bony shoulder girdle. It is a predominantly flat, triangular bone, which mainly serves as the origin for various muscles and has a loose-jointed connection with humerus and collarbone (clavicle).
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