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Dr. med. Janis Hülsemann has published the Flexikon article Occipital lobe
The occipital lobe is the most dorsal part of the cerebrum (telencephalon).

The occipital lobe is located above the cerebellar tentorium and posterior to the parietal lobe and temporal lobe. It is separated from the parietal lobe by the ... [more]
Mitra Mhi has edited the Flexikon article Uterus
The uterus, or the womb, is the female sexual organ in which the fertilised ova mature to an embryo or rather foetus before birth. All female mammals have a uterus. In the following, only the human uterus will be considered.

From a ... [more]
Natascha van den Höfel has edited the Flexikon article Vitamin
Vitamins are essential organic compounds which the human body needs for growth, maintaining health and a normal development from childhood. Humans are not able to synthesize Vitamins in a proper amount therefore we have to supply them to our body by ... [more]
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