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from Latin: put in between
German: Insertion

1 Definition

The insertion of a muscle is the site of the bone (partly also tendon) it attaches to and the point where tension is concentrated during contraction. Muscles are usually connected to bones by tendons.

The insertion of a muscle should not be confused with its origin.

2 Background

The insertion is commonly located on one of the two structures that are connected by the muscle that has greater motion. During muscle contraction the insertion is pulled towards the origin. That's why the insertion can generally also be called the mobile end (punctum mobile). However, it is not correct to use this term as general synonym for insertion. Mechanical fixation of the bone the muscle is attached to can also make the insertion act like the fixed end (punctum fixum). Contraction leads then to a movement of the muscle origin towards the insertion. For the extremities a basic rule is that the insertion is located distally.

See also: origin

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