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Raphael Klinkhammer has published the Flexikon article Extensor hallucis longus muscle
The extensor hallucis longus muscle is a thin skeletal muscle that belongs to the group of the lower leg muscles.

The surfaces of origin of the extensor hallucis longus muscle are the anterior surface of the fibula and the middle ... [more]
Raphael Klinkhammer has edited the Flexikon article Anconeus muscle
The anconeus muscle belongs to the group of the muscles of the upper arm. Its morphology and function are closely connected to the triceps brachii muscle.

The origin of the anconeus muscle is the lateral epicondyle of the humerus (bone ... [more]
Raphael Klinkhammer has edited the Flexikon article Deltoid muscle
The deltoid muscle forms part of the dorsal group of the shoulder muscles. It is a strong muscle, triangular when spread-out, and it wraps around the proximal part of the humerus from the cranial, ventral, dorsal and lateral side. ... [more]
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