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Dr. Carina Hönscher has published the Flexikon article Biopolymer
Biopolymers are polymers of natural origin that are produced in the metabolism of creatures.

Polymers are macromolecules that are composed of repeating units, so-called monomers.
Biopolymers include for example:
polysaccharides such as ... [more]
21 days ago
Jannik Blaschke has edited the Flexikon article Aorta
The aorta refers to the central artery of the animal or human organisms. It transfers oxygenated blood from the heart to the periphery.

As the central vessel of the circulatory system, the aorta leaves the left heart, from which ... [more]
22 days ago
Dr. Carina Hönscher has edited the Flexikon article Apex cordis
Apex cordis refers to the rounded end of the left ventricle of the heart. The apex cordis is found at the caudal end of the heart, at the level of the fifth intercostal space inside the ventral left side of the body at, or just medial to, the ... [more]
45 days ago
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