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The non-thyroidal illness syndrome is a characteristic allostatic constellation of pituitary-thyroid feedback control, which is a common bystander of acute or chronic illness and which heralds poor prognosis. In addition, it may confer problems in ... [more]
PD Dr. med. Johannes W. Dietrich has edited the Flexikon article Allostasis
Allostasis is the adaptive response of the organism to chronic or extreme strain conditions, which ensures survival in life-threatening situations. Typical examples for allostatic responses include fever, adaptation to stress by increased release of ... [more]
Raphael Klinkhammer has edited the Flexikon article Blood sugar level
The blood sugar level is the concentration of glucose in the blood. The blood sugar level can be specified in mg/dl or mmol/l.

The following parameters can be distinguished depending on the time of measurement relative to food ... [more]
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