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Raphael Klinkhammer has published the Flexikon article Immune system
The immune system is the defense system of biological organisms against foreign substances or living creatures. It differs between the bodyís own and foreign structures, and it thereby serves the maintenance of individual integrity. Not only humans ... [more]
Konstantin Weil has published the Flexikon article Midbrain
The midbrain is part of the brain stem and is located between pons and diencephalon.

The midbrain can be divided into three layers:
from a ventral point of view, the cerebral crura are visible below them lies the tegmentum the dorsal ... [more]
Konstantin Weil has published the Flexikon article Vermiform appendix
The vermiform appendix, or just appendix is a worm-shaped, approximately 10 centimeters long protruding bulge of the cecum which is mainly made up of lymphatic tissue.

The appendix is located in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen in ... [more]
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