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Flora Vinbert has published the Flexikon article Heart base
The heart base is the pole of the heart wherein the apex (apex cordis) is directed opposite.

The heart base is directed to the cranial and dorsal sections. It is formed substantially from the left atrium and to a lesser extent from the ... [more]
7 days ago
Flora Vinbert has published the Flexikon article Main bronchus
The main bronchi are the first two branches of the trachea (trachea) in the bronchial tree.

It includes the following:
Bronchus principalis dexter: Right main bronchus Bronchus principalis sinister: Left main bronchus The right main ... [more]
7 days ago
Flora Vinbert has published the Flexikon article Golden S-sign
The golden S-sign is a feature that can be seen on X-ray images of the thorax. It is ideal for X-rays with an anterior-posterior-beam path (AP-beam path), as well as CT images to be recognisable.

The first to identify this feature, and ... [more]
12 days ago
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