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Jessica Schnase has edited the Flexikon article MacKenzie zones
The MacKenzie zones are projection fields which represent the inner organs onto the muscular system. In cases of stimulation or disease of an inner organ, the correlating MacKenzie zone reacts in form of pain sensitivity or ... [more]
24 days ago
Jessica Schnase has published the Flexikon article Muscle
Muscles are the contractile organs of the human body, which serve moving parts of the body actively. They consist of muscular tissue, one of the 4 basic tissues of the human body.

Histologically, three different muscular tissues can ... [more]
31 days ago
Jessica Schnase has published the Flexikon article Iliococcygeus muscle
The iliococcygeus muscle refers to the lateral part of the musculus levator ani which belongs to pelvic diaphragm.

The pelvic diaphragm (diaphragma pelivs) is the inner muscle layer, which consists of the musculus levator ani (M. ... [more]
33 days ago
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