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Flora Vinbert has published the Flexikon article Rotator cuff
The rotator cuff describes a group of 4 muscles, whose tendons form a coarse tendon cap together with the coracohumeral ligament. This cap encloses the shoulder joint. They draw from the scapula to the greater tubercle, or the minor tubercle, of the ... [more]
Flora Vinbert has published the Flexikon article Proximal phalanx
The term proximal phalanx describes the bones which represent the base of the fingers and toes, and thus the bones that are immediately connected to the metacarpal bones (hand) or metatarsal bones (foot).

The proximal phalanx is ... [more]
Alexandra Schritz has edited the Flexikon article Esophagus
The esophagus is the hollow organ between the pharynx and stomach, which serves the transport of the food crushed by chewing.

The esophagus is a tubular hollow organ of around 25-28 cm in length, which extends in projection on the spinal ... [more]
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