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Anne Düchting has edited the Flexikon article Vagina
German: Vagina
The vagina belongs to the interior female genitals and is approximately 8 to 10 cm long. The introitus vaginae (vaginal entrance) is narrowed by the hymen, which normally tears during the first sexual intercourse. It is also the ... [more]
Anne Düchting has edited the Flexikon article Uterus
The uterus, or the womb, is the female sexual organ in which the fertilised ova mature to an embryo foetus before the birth. All female mammals have a uterus. In the following, only the human uterus will be considered.

From a developmental ... [more]
Anne Düchting has edited the Flexikon article Lactiferous duct
The lactiferous ducts are a part of the ductal system of the breast milk of the mammary glands.

The mammary gland is subdivided into various lobes (lobuli). Every 10-20 lobuli with their lactiferous ductuli terminate into one lactiferous ... [more]
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