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Jannis Rademeier has edited the Flexikon article Body donation
The body donation designates the voluntary provision of the own body after its death for scientific purposes. A person which agrees to the body donation is called a body donor.

Legal basis (Germany)
Unlike in the field of transplantation medicine, ... [more]
Anne Düchting has edited the Flexikon article Flexikon - The flexible lexicon

What is the Flexikon?
The DocCheck Flexikon is an open medical lexicon aiming to provide as much knowledge as possible. The English version of our Flexikon has been around sind 2005 and already comprises 845 medical articles which are written and ... [more]
Dr. Frank Antwerpes has edited the Flexikon article Skeletal muscles
The skeletal muscles comprise the muscles that are fixed to the skeleton or - in a broader sense - that are responsible for the movements of the body. Just as the myocardium, they belong to the striated muscles.
Comment: The term "skeletal muscle" ... [more]
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