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Konstantin Weil has published the Flexikon article Hypokalemia
Hypokalemia is defined as a serum potassium level below 3.6 mmol/l.

There are several mechanisms that can lead to hypokalemia:
Increased secretion, with the possibilities of:Primary renal loss: e.g. due to chronic interstitial nephritis, ... [more]
Konstantin Weil has published the Flexikon article Loop diuretic
Loop diuretics are highly effective diuretic drugs (diuretics). They can induce an increase of urine production of 30 to 40 liters per day, under the condition that infusions are used to replace lost fluid.

Most loop diuretics are ... [more]
Flora Vinbert has published the Flexikon article Skeleton muscles
The skeleton muscles comprise the muscles that are fixed to the skeleton or - in a broader sense - that are responsible for the movements of the body. Just as the myocardium, they belong to the striated muscles.
Comment: The term "skeletal muscle" ... [more]
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