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Konstantin Weil has published the Flexikon article Dura mater
Dura mater is the outermost part of the meninges that encapsulate the brain, effectively separating it from the skull.

Dura mater can be found within the cranial cavity and the spinal canal. Next to the orbital fissures the dura merges with ... [more]
Raphael Klinkhammer has edited the Flexikon article Pain
Pain is a complex sensation that is triggered by the nociceptors of the peripheral nervous system. It is processed and interpreted in the CNS. However, there are tight interactions between pain perception and the psyche.
Pain can occur just as ... [more]
Raphael Klinkhammer has published the Flexikon article Sediment
Sediment is the professional term for the deposit that develops when you centrifugate a suspension or leave it untouched over some time. The creation process of a sediment is called sedimentation.

Medical meaning
Sedimentation is used in medicine ... [more]
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