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Charlotte Zäske has published the Flexikon article Pennate muscles
The characteristic of the pennate muscle is the alignment of the muscular fascicles in relation to its tendon. The fibres are attached obliquely, which allows a higher force at the expense of a smaller range of motion.

The pennate ... [more]
2 days ago
Charlotte Zäske has published the Flexikon article Fat Pad
Fat pads are circumscribed accumulations of structural fat which serve in particular parts of the human body as a cushioning, or as a layer which enables the shifting of certain tissues. The fat bodies are present in various regions of the body ... [more]
2 days ago
Charlotte Zäske has edited the Flexikon article Endothelium
The endothelium is a thin layer of endothelial cells which lines the interior (the lumen) of blood vessels. It serves as a barrier to the outer tissue. Furthermore, it produces nitrogen monoxide, which regulates the cardiovascular system. ... [more]
2 days ago
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