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Flora Vinbert has published the Flexikon article Hand muscles
The hand muscles are the short skeletal muscles, which are located in the area of ​​hand. When looking at the muscles of the hand, a distinction is made between: the thenar musculature located radially to the ball of the thumb; the ulnar ... [more]
Flora Vinbert has edited the Flexikon article Wrist muscles
The term wrist muscles refers to muscles acting on the wrist.

musculus extensor carpi radialis brevis musculus extensor carpi radialis longus musculus extensor carpi ulnaris musculus extensor digiti minimi musculus extensor ... [more]
Raphael Klinkhammer has published the Flexikon article Muscles of mastication
The muscles of mastication consist of four skeletal muscles accreted onto the mandible and which play a major role in mastication.
Some authors also count the throat muscles among the masticatory muscles.

The following four muscles are ... [more]
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