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Synyonym: Flection, Flexio, Bending
Latin: flectere - to flex, to bend
German: Flexion

1 Definition

Flexion describes the active or passive movement of bending of a joint. The flexion is the contrary movement of the extension and characteristically results in a bending of the related part of the body.

2 Nomenclature

Referring to a few movements (e.g. joints of hand and food) the definition of flexion and extension is not that obvious, as the extension as well can result in a bending or flexion of the particular joint. In this cases, the movement described as flexion should refer to the movement which enables the greater angle of mobility, according to the physiological resting position of the joint.

However this systematics is not applied on all the movements. For instance, the movement of the hand or the foot in direction of the back of the respective extremity is frequently described as dorsal flexion, even though it should be referred to as dorsal extension. The flexion of the arm in parts of the shoulder joint is also described as anteversion.

The term "flexion" is frequently used in composed terms which additionaly define the direction of the bending movement, such as

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