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The tooth is embedded in the jaw bones, with its root and protrudes into the oral cavity, with its crown. Its function is biting and grinding food, as a first step of digestion. Humans do have two dentitions with different, specialised teeth.

1. The two dentitions:

1.1 Permanent teeth:

28 teeth (+ 4 wisdom teeth) consisting of:

8 Anterior teeth (Incisivi)
4 Canines (Canini)
8 Premolars (Bicuspids)
8 Molars (Multicuspids)

1.2 Primary teeth (milk teeth)

20 teeth consisting of:

8 Anterior teeth
4 Canines
8 Molars

2. Macroscopic structure

2.1 Crown

The crown is built up of enamel and dentin. The dentin is covered by the enamel (crown-dentin).

2.2 Root

The root mainly consists of dentin, covered with cementum (root-dentin). The crown and the root are separated through the neck of the tooth.

2.3 Pulp chamber

The Pulp chamber is covered by dentin and contains the pulp, a soft tissue built up of vessels and nerves. The pulp is separated into the crown-pulp and the root-pulp by the cervical region. On the root-tip there is a little opening, the so called apical foramen.

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