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The tooth is embedded in the jaw bones with its root and protrudes into the oral cavity with its crown. Its function is biting and grinding food, as a first step of digestion. Humans do have two dentitions with different, specialised teeth.

1.Macroscopic structure

1.1 Crown

The crown is built up of enamel and dentin. The dentin is covered by the enamel (crown-dentin)

1.2 Root

The root mainly consists of dentin, covered with cementum (root-dentin) The crown and the root are separated through the neck of the tooth

1.3 Pulp chamber

The Pulp chamber is covered by dentin and contains the pulp, a soft tissue built up of vessels and nerves. The pulp separated into the crown-pulp and the root-pulp by the cervical region On the root-tip there is a little opening, the so called apical foramen.

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