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Sagittal plane

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German: Sagittalebene

1 Definition

A sagittal plane is each virtual plane, which cuts the body sagittal ie from anterior to posterior. In a frontal view the sagittal plane is visible as line.

2 Background

There are numerous sagittal planes which lie parallel to each other. The medial sagittal plane also called medial plane is a special case: it seperates the body into two symmetric halfs. That is why it is called symmetry plane. The sagittal plane is ventrical to the frontal plane and the transverse plane.

3 Clinical

In imaging procedures the so-called sagittal sections, what means pictures in view of sagittal plane, are important. Sagittal sections are eg for CTs important to take pictures of the spine or in sonographical prenatal diagnostic testings for the nuchal translucency.


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