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Radial nerve

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1 Definition

The radial nerve is a mixed motor and sensory nerve of the arm, which arises from the brachial plexus and is involved in the innervation of the muscles of the upper and lower arm.

2 Anatomical Course

The radial nerve arises from the posterior fasciculus of the brachial plexus. It contains nerve fibers of segments C5 to C8 or Th1. In its course, the nerve winds around the dorsal side of the humerus together with the deep brachial artery in the sulcus nervi radialis. It penetrates the lateral intermuscular septum approx. 10 cm proximal to the lateral epicondyle of the humerus. It runs together with the [[radial collateral artery in the lateral bicipital sulcus and runs through the radial tunnel to the cubital fossa. There it transfers rami musculares to the brachioradial muscles and divides into a motor ramus profundus and a sensitive ramus superficialis.

2.1 Ramus profundus

The motor ramus profundus runs on the dorsal side of the forearm through the Musculus supinator and, by winding around the Radius, gets into the extensor compartment of the forearm and from there to the hand. Its deep terminal branch is called the posterior interosseous nerve.

2.2 Ramus superficialis

The sensible ramus superficialis orients itself on the brachioradialis muscle and pulls in the sulcus antebrachii radialis to the side of the radial artery. It crosses the tendon of the brachioradialis muscle in the distal third of the forearm and thus reaches the extensor side. There it anastomoses with branches of the ramus dorsalis of the ulnar nerve. The branch of the superficial branch divides into 5 digital nerve dorsales, which supply the skin on the dorsal side of the radial 2 1/2 fingers.

3 Function

The radial nerve innervated the muscles, especially the dorsal sides of the upper arm and forearm, including the extensor s and the long hand muscles. In addition, the nerve is responsible for the sensitive innervation of the skin on the dorsal and lateral side of the arm.

The following are the muscles innervated by the radial nerve:

3.1 Upperarm

On the upper arm, a small portion of the radial nerve also supplies the brachial muscle - probably with fibers that serve proprioception.

3.2 Forearm

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