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The radial nerve is a mixed motor and sensory nerve of the arm, which arises from the [[brachial plexus]] and is involved in the innervation of the muscles of the upper and lower arm.
==Anatomical Course==
The radial nerve arises from the [[posterior fasciculus]] of the brachial plexus. It contains nerve fibers of segments [[C5|C<sub>5</sub>]] to [[C8|C<sub>8</sub>]] or [[Th1|Th<sub>1</sub>]]. In its course, the nerve winds around the dorsal side of the humerus together with the deep brachial artery in the [[sulcus nervi radialis]]. It penetrates the [[lateral intermuscular septum]] approx. 10 cm proximal to the [[lateral epicondyle of the humerus]]. It runs together with the [[radial collateral artery in the [[lateral bicipital sulcus]] and runs through the [[radial tunnel]] to the [[cubital fossa]]. There it transfers rami musculares to the brachioradial muscles and divides into a motor ramus profundus and a sensitive ramus superficialis.
===Ramus profundus===
The motor ramus profundus runs on the dorsal side of the forearm through the [[Musculus supinator]] and, by winding around the [[Radius]], gets into the extensor compartment of the forearm and from there to the hand. Its deep terminal branch is called the [[posterior interosseous nerve]].
===Ramus superficialis===
The sensible ramus superficialis orients itself on the [[brachioradialis muscle]] and pulls in the [[sulcus antebrachii radialis]] to the side of the [[radial artery]]. It crosses the tendon of the [[brachioradialis muscle]] in the distal third of the forearm and thus reaches the extensor side. There it anastomoses with branches of the ramus dorsalis of the [[ulnar nerve]]. The branch of the superficial branch divides into 5 [[digital nerve dorsalis manus | digital nerve dorsales]], which supply the skin on the dorsal side of the radial 2 1/2 fingers.
The radial nerve [[innervation | innervated]] the muscles, especially the dorsal sides of the upper arm and forearm, including the [[extensor]] s and the long hand muscles. In addition, the nerve is responsible for the sensitive innervation of the skin on the [[dorsal]] and [[lateral]] side of the arm.
The following are the muscles innervated by the radial nerve:
* [[Musculus triceps brachii]]
* [[Musculus anconeus]]
On the upper arm, a small portion of the radial nerve also supplies the [[brachial muscle]] - probably with fibers that serve [[proprioception]].
=== Forearm ===
* [[Musculus brachioradialis]]
* [[Musculus extensor carpi radialis longus]]
* [[Musculus extensor carpi radialis brevis]]
* [[Musculus extensor indicis]]
* [[Musculus abductor pollicis longus]]
* [[Musculus supinator]]
* [[Musculus extensor digitorum]]
* [[Musculus extensor pollicis longus]]
* [[Musculus extensor pollicis brevis]]
* [[Musculus extensor carpi ulnaris]]
* [[Musculus extensor digiti minimi]]

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