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(Created page with "''from latin: plica - fold'' <br> ''German: de:Plica'' ==Definition== '''Plica''' is a tissue fold in anatomy. ==Examples== * Plica umbilicalis medialis * Plica umbilic...")
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* Plica gastropancreatica
* Plica gastropancreatica
* Plica hepatopancreatica
* Plica hepatopancreatica

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from latin: plica - fold
German: de:Plica

1 Definition

Plica is a tissue fold in anatomy.

2 Examples

  • Plica umbilicalis medialis
  • Plica umbilicalis lateralis
  • Plica umbilicalis mediana
  • Plica gastrica
  • Plica circularis
  • Plica interureterica
  • Plica duodenalis superior
  • Plica duodenalis inferior
  • Plica gastropancreatica
  • Plica hepatopancreatica

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