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''named after the German surgeun Walter Madelung (1846-1926)''<br>
''named after the German surgeon Otto Wilhelm Madelung (1846-1926)''<br>
''Synonyms: Madelung's Disease, Michelin Boy disease'' <br>
''Synonyms: Madelung's Disease, Michelin Boy disease'' <br>
'''''German''': [[:de:Madelung-Syndrom|Madelung-Syndrom]]''
'''''German''': [[:de:Madelung-Syndrom|Madelung-Syndrom]]''

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named after the German surgeon Otto Wilhelm Madelung (1846-1926)
Synonyms: Madelung's Disease, Michelin Boy disease
German: Madelung-Syndrom

Madelung's Syndrome (to be distinguished from Madelung's deformity) is a benign disorder of fat distribution in the form of symmetric lipomatosis causing massive bilateral increase of adipose tissue at neck, chin and proximal parts of upper limbs.

It affects predominantly male, middle aged alcohol consumers.

Differential diagnoses are Lipomas, Obesity and Cushing-Syndrome.

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