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Jendrassik maneuver

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named after the hungarien neurologist Ernő Jendrassik (1858-1921)
German: Jendrassik-Handgriff

1 Definition

The Jendrassik maneuver is a medical examination method that can be used during the examination of reflexes.

2 Approach

The examiner asks the patient to bend their arms in front of their upper body and to interlock their fingers. Then the patient is challenged to pull their hands apart as strongly as possible. While the patient maintains this position, the examiner proceeds to check the reflexes of the legs (i.e. patellar reflex (PR), achilles tendon reflex).

3 Background

The Jendrassik maneuver leads to a reflex “facilitation” of the lower extremities and distracts the patient from deliberate contractions of the leg muscles and thus making an examination of the reflexes more difficult. This leads to a significantly stronger reflex response.


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