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Intervertebral foramen

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Short form: IVF
German: Foramen intervertebrale

1 Definition

The intervertebral foramina are pairs of orifices of the vertebral canal, which are formed by respectively two adjacent, articulating vertebras.

2 Anatomy

The boney boundary of this intervertebral foramina is formed by the "feet", the processions of the vertebral arch (Pediculi arcus vertebrae), which are slightly retracted in cranial as well as caudal direction, so that the inferior vertebral notch and the superior vertebral notch (Incisurae vertebrales inferior et superior) get created. Via the intervertebral foramina the spinal nerves are leaving the vertebral canal.

3 Clinical Significance

If it comes to spondyloarthrotic alterations (osteophytes) a narrowing of the intervertebral foramina can occur. Thereby, it is possible that nearby located nerve roots get compresed (nerve root compression). Furthermore, the intervertebral foramina get used for the transforaminal endoscopic nucleotomy as an access to the intervertebral disk.


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