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Cuneiform bone

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German: Os cuneiforme

1 Definition

The three cuneiform bones are bones that belong to the distal row of the tarsal bones. They are located between the navicular bone and the metatarsal bones I-III.

2 Anatomy

The three cuneiform bones are numbered systematically from the medial to the lateral side:

  • Cuneiform bone I (medial cuneiform bone)
  • Cuneiform bone II (intermediate cuneiform bone)
  • Cuneiform bone III (lateral cuneiform bone)

On the [[distal] side, they form part of the tarsometatarsal joint.

3 Development

The centers of ossification of the cuneiform bones appear at different points in time:

  • Medial cuneiform bone: in the 2nd to 3rd year of life
  • Intermediate cuneiform bone: in the 3rd year of life
  • Lateral cuneiform bone: in the 1st to 2nd year of life


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