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Ammon's horn

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Synonym: Cornu ammonis
German: Ammonshorn

1 Definition

Ammon's horn is a part of the hippocampus that forms a longitudinal bulge on the inferior horn of the lateral ventricle. It's considered a part of the limbic system.

Sometimes the term Ammon's horn is used to describe the whole hippocampus.

2 Anatomy

Ammon's horn can be divided into four sectors (CA1-CA4). The cell-rich stratum pyramidale contains large pyramidal cells. Their apical dendrites run to the stratum radiatum before reaching the stratum lacunosum-molecular.

As a result, the apical dendrites of the pyramidal cells and of the granule cells face each other in the larger, inferior part of the dentate gyrus. On the basal side the dendrites of the pyramidal cells reach the stratum oriens which borders the alveus.

3 Histology

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