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Alar fascia

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1 Definition

The alar fascia is a subdivision of the prevertebral fascia and belongs to the cervical fascia.

2 Anatomy

The alar fascia bridges between the transverse processes of cervical vertebrae and separates the danger space from the retropharyngeal space. Recent findings show that the fascia alar seems not to be attached to the base of skull but origin from the level of the first cervical vertebra (C1). The space between C1 and the base of skull seems to be a physiological entrance to danger space. Caudal the arlar fascia fuse with the visceral fascia of esophagus at the level of second thoracic vertebrae and thereby it is connected to the mediastinum.

3 Clinical relevance

Infections can spread via the danger space from the neck to the mediastinum.

4 Reference

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