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Body height

German: Körpergröße

1 Definition

The body height is a simple biometric property which is usually noted in centimetres (cm). The height of a human is genetically determined but can be modified by environmental influences (e.g. nutrition, diseases) quite considerably.

2 Physiology

To evaluate the body height, the so-called growth-curves respecitvely somatograms can be applied. They are developed by measuring and comparing the body height systematically in various collectives (age-groups).

A lower body height is referred to as dwarfism or microsomia, a body height which is considerably greather than the average is called gigantism. According to the definition of gigantism the individual's height has to be above the 97. percentile, that is to say 97% of the same age-group are smaller than the individual. Respectively, dwarfism is defined by an individual's height below the 3. percentile and 97% of the same age-group exceeding the indivual's height.


Specialties: Anatomy

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