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Articular disk

Synonym: Fibrocartilago interarticularis
German: Discus articularis

1 Definition

The articular disk is a part of a joint which consists of fibrous cartilage and tight, parallely aligned connective tissue, which usually divides the articular cavity into two chambers. It serves to compensate incongruencies of the articular planes and to buffer respectively distribute the pressure which lasts on the joint.

2 Anatomy

Articular disks are usually free from nerves and blood vessels. They are supplied with nutrients via diffusion from the synovia. Typical examples for the articular discs are the menisci in between of femur and tibial plateau in the area of the knee joint; the disc in the area of the proximal hand joint; the disc of the sternoclavicular joint or the disc in the mandibular joint in between of the mandible and the temporal bone (os temporale).

Specialties: Anatomy

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