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Anconeus muscle

from Greek: αγκων ("ancon") - elbow
Synonyms: anconeus, elbow muscle, elbow tubercle muscle
German: Musculus anconeus

1 Definition

The anconeus muscle belongs to the group of the muscles of the upper arm. Its morphology and function are closely connected to the triceps brachii muscle.

2 Devolution

The origin of the anconeus muscle is the lateral epicondyle of the humerus (bone of the upper arm). Some fibers additionally originate in the ulnar collateral ligament as well as in the capsule of the elbow joint.

The lateral side of the olecranon and the proximal quarter of the posterior ulna shaft serve as insertion of the anconeus muscle.

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3 Innervation

The innervation is provided by the radial nerve from the brachial plexus (C7-Th1).

4 Function

The anconeus muscle serves as mild extensor muscle of the elbow joint and supports the triceps brachii muscle in this. Moreover, it takes part in the direction of the proximal ulna during pronation movement. Additionally, as capsule tightener, it prevents the entrapment of parts of the elbow joint capsule.

Specialties: Anatomy

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