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Why do women have so much back pain?

Daily habit changes can help with lower back pain. Who has never heard a woman complain of back pain due to excess weight in her purse? Or that she can no longer walk without high-heeled shoes due to foot pain? Any type of lower back pain is always a sign that something is wrong and deserves special attention. Back pain can be caused by simple wrong habits such as physical inactivity, obesity and smoking. It can also be a manifestation of diseases such as depression, fibromyalgia, cancer, arthritis, herniated disc, osteoarthritis (parrot beak), kidney stones, aortic aneurysm, gastric ulcer, among others. In women, in particular, in addition to inadequate habits and possible diseases, endometriosis and hormonal factors can be an aggravating factor. In addition, those who have large breasts must be very careful, as the weight makes the spine bend forward. In these cases, the case should be evaluated to see if there is a need for an appropriate bra or even breast reduction surgery. woman with back pain Pregnant women also suffer from this discomfort due to increased lordosis, obesity and the release of the hormone relaxin near childbirth (which makes the spine more relaxed). With all these possibilities discarded, another villain for women is inappropriate customs, such as heavy bags. Carrying them on a single shoulder makes the spine become overloaded, unbalances the musculature, facilitates contractures and wear of structures, which can cause the appearance of herniated discs. The person leaves the axis, becoming crooked. Another important issue is the use of high-heeled shoes. When the heel is greater than 4 centimeters and used daily, it can cause shortening of the calf, causing, in addition to back pain, foot pain. There are also other risk factors that we can also highlight, such as: Inappropriate posture in front of the computer; Practice physical exercise without proper guidance from a professional; Sleepless nights; Smoking, which is increasing among women; Emotional stress; advancing in age; Treatment The ideal is always to investigate the causes of pain. You need to check if it is solely caused by the person's lifestyle or if there is some disease behind it. Changing daily habits is also important, since chronic posture errors can increase the wear and tear on spinal structures, causing more serious problems. You should avoid bending the spine forward, such as when getting out of bed, getting into the car, or simply brushing our teeth. Preferably, the woman should not be stressed, not smoke and exercise properly. Another common mistake, this time, for cultural reasons, is self-medication. With easy access to medicines on the shelves of pharmacies or even on the advice of friends, it is routine for Brazilians to take medicine when they feel pain. This is completely wrong, as it may mask some serious illness. It is also worth noting that a drug that is good for one person can be bad for another. Medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs should be used with caution in patients with high blood pressure or gastric and kidney problems. Therefore, medical follow-up is mandatory. It's also worth keeping an eye out for signs that might indicate a more serious problem, such as nighttime pain, weight loss, and pain accompanied by major weakness.

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