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Transverse colon

Synonym: colon transversum
German: Colon transversum

1 Definition

The transverse colon is the middle part of the colon, which lies between the right (flexura coli dextra) and left splenic flexure (flexura coli sinistra).

2 Anatomy

The transverse colon is located - in contrast to the ascending colon and descending colon - intraperitoneally. First, it runs from the impressio colica of the liver ventrally, then epigastrically from the right, where it touches the gall bladder, to the left -cranially.

The left colon curve (flexura coli sinistra) is always higher than the right flexure. It is fixed onto the diaphragm via the ligamentum phrenicocolicum and entails that the flexura coli sinistra form the bottom of the splenic niche. Here one also finds the transition to the next segment of the intestine, the colon descendens. In addition, the colon transversum is also mobile in its attachment to a mesentery, suspended from the mesocolon transversum and is characterised by plicae semilunares coli and haustra.

In the left third of the transverse colon one finds the Cannon's point.

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