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Training course for preparation

German: Präparierkurs
Latin: praeparare – prepare

1 Definition

The training course for preparation is part of the preclinical education in medical school. It is used to teach the macroscopic anatomy.

2 Background

In the training course for preparation lecturer will educate the students how to prepare systematically different structures of the body on their own. Most likely a few students work as team on one body. Contact to bodies – so-called specimen in anatomical terms – needs a lot of soberness and habituation. The specimen are conserved in formaldehyde and alcohol. Because of that students can work on them for weeks without decay. Each student prepares the important anatomical structures of his or her own region. For this one uses tools like scalpel or tweezer. The specimen are body donations from donators who wanted their mortal remains to be used in scientific research.

3 Field report

The training course for preparation is an important aspect of the preclinical educaiton for many students. The preclinical education is the first part of the education in medical school. Meine Vorklinik

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