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Synonym: tela (Latin)
German: Gewebe

1 Definition

Tissues in medicine are organic materials which consist of identical or differentiated cells that have a common function or structure. Tissues do not only contain cells but also include the extracellular matrix (ECM).

Examples of human tissues are the nervous tissue or the liver tissue.

2 Details

The cells of a tissue work as one functional unit. By interacting in a coordinated manner, those functional units make the structure of the next higher hierarchy level (organs) possible. Cell organization in tissues is especially important for cell growth considering that cells behave differently when in a group, as opposed to being by themselves. The exact mechanisms of cell formation are unclear which is why they are subject to intensive fundamental research.

3 Classification

Tissues can be grouped into four basic types:

The field dealing with the development and production of artificial tissues or replacement tissues is called Tissue Engineering.

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Specialties: Biology

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