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The Tastiest, Healthiest Snacks to Take to Work

Whether you’re running about the office all day or sitting sedentary getting some work done, you’re going to be starving by lunchtime. It’s up to you what you put into your body at lunch, or what time you snack, though we suggest that it be as healthy as possible!

To most people, healthy snacks usually consist of bland sandwiches and other foods that are hard to plan, pack and carry with you to work. However, countless healthy snacks are easy to make, don’t cost much at all and are perfect for every snacker.

Take a look below at our incredible healthy snack ideas for work.

Light Hummus and Carrots

When it comes to light snacks and nibbles, there’s nothing that compares to hummus and carrots. With almost no prep, these snacks fit into a single container or plastic bag, and you can munch away with no guilt at all.

You can also eat hummus with pitta bread, broccoli or cauliflower if carrots aren’t your thing.

Wholemeal Sandwiches

As a full-sized sub or sandwich is far too big and bulky for an office snack, we suggest making mini sandwiches that can sit in your sandwich container on your desk. If you use the right fillings, you won’t need to keep the sandwich too cold, and you’ll have no trouble eating it a few hours later.

We suggest sandwiches with filling along the lines of ham, tomatoes, avocado and other vegetables.

Celery and Unsweetened Peanut Butter

A much-loved snack from our primary school days lands on our list because it’s getting you all of your essential fats and oils, as well as a satisfying crunch from almost carb-free celery.

Take with you a small tub of peanut butter and a bunch of sliced celery to use as a scoop for the peanut butter and you’ll have yourself a perfect afternoon or pre-lunch snack that doesn’t add to your calorie intake. It may also help you lose weight like other weight control snacks.

Fruit and Yoghurt

Moving on to a snack that will need to be kept refrigerated; fruit and yoghurt. You should do your best to make this entirely at home, which means none of this store-bought, sugar-filled nonsense yoghurt.

Take a few moments to mix your fresh fruit (strawberries and blueberries are best) with some plain unsweetened yoghurt and you’ll have yourself a naturally sweetened office snack that doesn’t give you a sugar high or crash.

Air-popped Popcorn

If you’re keen to bring the delicious taste of the cinema to the office, then lightly salted air-popped popcorn needs to make it into your lunch box!

Low in calories and high in fibre means popcorn is going to keep you full for a long while without any worry of a sugar crash or productivity slump. Take the time to pop the popcorn at home, bag it up in a paper bag or even a ZipLock and bring it along with you to work.

Fresh Fruit

There’s quite literally nothing that compares to fresh fruit when it comes to office snacking, so an apple, pear, banana or any other fruit should remain on your desk or in the office fridge at all times!

Dried fruits and other healthy office snacks are definitely going to make your hunger pangs disappear at work, keeping you focused on the job.

A Tupperware Shaker Salad

If a crisp salad is more your style, then the good news is that you don’t need to fork out $7 at the local cafe or diner for one.

At home, make your favourite salad the night before and add a little dressing and it’ll stay fresh in the fridge all night, ready to eat at work the next day. Whenever you’re peckish or ready for a light snack, take out your salad and dig in!

Trail Mix

The ultimate pick me up snack at the office is undoubtedly trail mix. It’s calorie dense, so just a few nibbles will keep you going through the afternoon and will fill you up enough to stop you from snacking on sugary, fatty foods.

There are plenty of different types of trail mix too, so whether you’re more partial to dried banana, sultana’s and raisins or cashews, you’ll be able to find a trail mix for you. You can also make your own at home with no trouble at all.

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