Lactiferous duct

Lactiferous duct Synonym: Ductus lactifer, Ductus lactiferus, Ductus lacritfer colligens German: Ductus lactifer 1 Definition The lactiferous ducts are a part of the ductal system of the breast milk o

Monoamine oxidase inhibitor

Monoamine oxidase inhibitor Synonyms: MAO-inhibitor, MAOI German: Monoaminoxidase-Hemmer Contents 1 Definition 2 Mechanism of action 3 Classification 3.1 Reversibility of effect 3.2 Effected type of e


3,5-Diiodothyronine Abbreviation: 3,5-T2 German: 3,5-Dijodthyronin Contents 1 Definition 2 Biological Effects 3 Clinical Significance 4 References 1 Definition 3,5-Diiodothyronine is an active thyroid


ABCA3 Synonym: ATP-binding cassette sub-family A member 3, ABC-C German: ABC-A3 Contents 1 Definition 2 Biochemistry 3 Pathology 4 Links 1 Definition ABCA3 (ATP-binding cassette sub-family A member 3)


Pyramis from the Latin: pyramis — pyramid Synonym: Pyramid Deutsch: Pyramide Definition Pyramis (Plural: Pyramides), as an anatomical term, refers to a structure of an organ (or any anatomical structu

Calf muscles

Calf muscles German: Wadenmuskulatur Contents 1 Definition 2 Anatomy 2.1 Superficial calf muscles 2.2 Deep calf muscles 1 Definition The calf muscles represent the group of skeletal muscles that can b


LASH German: LASH Contents 1 Definition 2 Procedure 3 Indications 4 Contraindications 5 Advantages 6 Disadvantages 7 Links 1 Definition LASH is the abbreviation used to describe a laparoscopic suprace

Primary urine

Primary urine German: Primärharn 1 Definition Primary urine is the fraction of blood plasma which is filtered out by renal corpuscles. While passing through the renal tubule, resorption and secretion

Left fibrous ring

Left fibrous ring German: Anulus fibrosus sinister 1 Definition The left fibrous ring is a collagenous fibre ring that belongs to the fibrous rings. It spans the left atrioventricular ostium and delim

Metacarpal bones

Metacarpal bones Synonyms: metacarpal, middle hand bones German: Os metacarpale Contents 1 Definition 2 Classification 3 Anatomy 3.1 Common features 1 Definition The 5 metacarpal bones (ossa metacarpa

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