Extensor indicis muscle

Extensor indicis muscle Synonym: extensor of the index finger, extensor indicis, extensor indicis proprius muscle German: Musculus extensor indicis Contents 1 Definition 2 Devolution 3 Innervation 4 F


Alpha-helix Synonym: α-helix German: Alpha-Helix 1 Definition The alpha-helix is a spiral secondary structure of proteins or polypeptide chains which is stabilized by hydrogen bonds. Alpha-helix is on

Flexor digiti minimi brevis pedis muscle

Flexor digiti minimi brevis pedis muscle Synonym: flexor of the little toe German: Musculus flexor digiti minimi brevis pedis Contents 1 Definition 2 Devolution 2.1 Origin 2.2 Insertion 3 Innervation

Neutral position

Neutral position German: Neutral-Null-Stellung 1 Definition The neutral position is the bodily posture in which a patient is standing with the feed parallel to the analogous hip. The arms are hanging


Adenylation German: Adenylierung 1 Definition An adenylation is a biochemical reaction which transfers an AMP molecule to another molecule. Adenylation should not be confused with polyadenylation whic


Caudal from the Latin: cauda — a tail or tail-like appendage German: Kaudal Definition Caudal is an adjective with, in human anatomy, the meanings: located beneath or on the underside; a position more

Chloride channel

Chloride channel German: Chloridkanal 1 Definition Chlorid channels are Ionchannels of the cell membrane, as well as the membrane of some intracellular organelles, that are capable of conducting negat


Dentine From Latin: dentinum Synonyms: dentin (American English), substantia eburnea German: Dentin Contents 1 Definition 2 Chemical structure 3 Structure 3.1 Mantle dentine 3.2 Inner dentine 3.3 Odon

Pelvic girdle

Pelvic girdle Synonyms: cingulum membri inferioris, cingulum membri pelvini German: Beckengürtel 1 Definition Pelvic girdle, bony pelvis or pelvic bones are labels denoting the bones in the anatomy wh


Diaphysis Synonym: shaft German: Diaphyse Definition The diaphysis is the part of the bone in between both metaphysises; the shaft of the human tubular bone. Tags: Bone Specialties: Anatomy

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