Patients Can Curb Anxiety with Sedation Dentistry 1 = 2 =

Patients Can Curb Anxiety with Sedation Dentistry Contents 1 = 1.1 What is Sedation Dentistry? 2 = 2.1 Types of Sedation Dentistry 2.1.1 Nitrous Oxide: 2.1.2 Oral Sedation: 2.1.3 IV Sedation: 2.2 Conc

Plane joint

Plane joint Synonym: Articulatio plana, Gliding joint, Athrodial Joint, Plane articulation German: Ebenes Gelenk 1 Definition The plane joint is a shape variant of a true joint, which posesses two pla


Excavation Latin: cavity, recess, bulge German: Excavatio 1 Definition The excavation is a term used in anatomy describing a gap or a space which extends like a bulge or recess between other tissue st


Thyroxine Thyroxine is a non-proteinogenic amino acid. Its most important form is levothyroxine (L-T4), an essential hormone produced in the thyroid gland. Tags: Endocrinology, Hormones, Thyroid, Thyr

Muscle insertion

Muscle insertion German: Muskelansatz 1 Definition The term muscle insertion refers to a certain point of a bone (in some cases also a certain point of a fascia), in which a certain muscle, as well as

Physician Panel

Physician Panel Contents 1 Definition 2 Offline panel 3 Online panel 3.1 Non-validated physician panel 3.2 Validated physician panel 4 Weblinks 1 Definition The term "Physician Panel" is used to descr

Nutrient Foramen

Nutrient Foramen Latin: nutrire - to feed Synonym: Foramen nutricium, Foramen nutriens German: Foramen nutricium 1 Definition The nutrient foramen is a small orifice inside of the substantia compacta

Portal circulation

Portal circulation German: Portalgefäßsystem 1 Definition A portal circulation are connecting veins, which are an additional network of vessels between arterial and venous circulation. The veins betwe


Atrium from the Latin: atrium — hall or entrance room, atrium German: Atrium Definition An atrium (plural: atria) is a cavity or chamber within a body or organ (such as the heart) affording entrance o


Organ from greek: organon - body part German: Organ The term organ designates a part of a body consisting of different tissues in the form a functional unit of a whole organism. Frequently, organs are

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