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AMPri Urine-Cup

  with or without a lid snap-lid easy to open/close leak-proof break-proof polypropylene  

from 35,11 €

DocCheck First-Aid Set

The DocCheck First-Aid Set contains items that come in handy for first-aid measures in emergency situations. compact and handy basic kit for smaller injuries especially suited for travel, sports and r

11,84 €

Tekno-Medical Cast Breaker

Use these pliers to remove plaster casts. The scissor-joint is strong and massive, the plier jaws are rounded so that it causes no injury when pushed under the plaster cast. The spring mounted between

from 59,38 €

DocCheck vinyl gloves - unpowdered

latex-free very kind to skin with rolled wrist edge fits left and right

from 11,84 €

Dr. No Single-use OP Overshoes

Disposable surgical overshoes are an important component of workwear in the healthcare sector. The shoe covers serve as protection against dirt and germ transmission, especially in the operating theat

7,08 €

HARTMANN Foliodress cap Comfort Rondo Plus

The Hartmann Foliodress cap Comfort Rondo surgical caps offer security as well as comfort. The single-use caps or srub hats can be extracted quickly and discarded just as quickly after use. Hair is se

30,88 €

sch├╝lke Foam Dispenser Head

With screw threads, for screwing onto the Esemfix Schaumreiniger, for example.

7,79 €

HARTMANN Foliodress bandana OR head cover

Fashionable bandana-style, ties in back of the neck. Especially light and comfortable for short hair styles. kerchief model.

46,35 €

Nonin 2500A PalmSat

The seca 417 measuring board is the mobile alternative to the seca 416 Infantometer. With its folding mechanism and low weight, it is compact and easy to transport. Easy to use, it captivates with smo

713,94 €

Tekno-Medical Metzenbaum scissors

TC-hard metal cutting edge inlays make possible soft and exact cuts along their entire length up to the tips. TC scissor stay sharp noticeably longer. for cutting tissue pieces and operating supplies

from 4,70 €

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