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Amphiarthrosis (N) Change comment: Created page with "'''1 Definition''''<br /> Amphiarthrosis is a type of articulation that permits only limited movement.<br /> '''2 Backgrond'''<br /> In contrast to synarthrosis that are mo..."at 14.06.2015
Agonist (N) Change comment: Created page with "'''1 Definition''' Agonist means ‘contestant’. It refers to a substance or structure that is regarding to a specific action the causative agent, for instance a muscle tha..."at 14.06.2015
Abscess cavity (N) Change comment: Created page with "'''Definition''' An abscess cavity is a pus filled cavity that is surrounded by granulation tissue and results from necrotizing infection.<br /> '''Tags:''' abscess"at 14.06.2015
Insertion (N) Change comment: Created page with "'''1 Definition '''<br /> The insertion of a muscle is the site of the bone (partly also tendon) it attaches to and the point where tension is concentrated during contraction..."at 14.06.2015
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