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Regio glutealis

German: Regio glutealis

1 Definition

A regio glutealis or in English gluteal region is the anatomical region, which lies over the gluteal muscles. The regio femoris posterior or posterior region of thigh is caudal to it.

2 Boundary

3 Anatomy

3.1 Subcutane layer

If one removes the skin and the fatty subcutane tissue one reaches the fascia glutaea. The fascia goes on in the upper edge of the musculus glutaeus maximus towards the compact aponeurosis glutaea. Following anatomical structures cross the subcutane layer:

3.2 Subfascial layer

If one removes the fascia glutaea one reaches the musculus glutaeus maximus and by its lower edge the ischiocrural muscles. Following anatomical structures cross the subfascial layer:

3.3 Deep layer

If one severs the musculus glutaeus maximus one can see the foramen ischiadicum majus and the including vessels and nerves. Following structures passing the foramen suprapiriforme:

Following structures pass the foramen infrapiriforme:

Specialties: Anatomy

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