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Pivot Joint

German: Drehgelenk

1 Definition

The pivot joint is a shape variant of the true joint. It consists of a pivot, or cone which is located inside of a short, groove-shaped joint socket. Additionally it gets stabilized by a tight, circular aligned ligament.

2 Classification

Due to its pattern of movement, two forms of pivot joints can be distinguished:

  • Concerning the first form of the pivot joint, the pivot or cone is considered as articular head which is rotating in the concavely shaped joint socket.
  • Another form of the pivot joint considers the pivot or cone as inmobile part of the joint, and the concave joint socket as rotating part of the joint.

3 Biomechanics

Concerning the possible mobility, pivot joints are considered to have one degree of freedom respectively one axis of movement and enable the movement of rotation:

4 Examples

  • proximal radioulnar joint (Articulatio radioulnaris proximalis)
  • distal radioulnar joint (Articulatio radioulnaris distalis)


Specialties: Anatomy

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