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Physician Panel

1 Definition

The term "Physician Panel" is used to describe a group of registered physicians who have declared thermselves willing to regularly take part in market-research surveys – in most cases in connection with pharmaceutical market research projects.

2 Offline panel

Offline panels – or traditional panels – comprise physicians who are contacted by the contracted market-research institute by post, phone, or telefax, or else are visited or schedule appointments in the test studio.

3 Online panel

Online panels are ones in which the participants are contacted via the Internet and who provide their responses in online systems.

3.1 Non-validated physician panel

Non-validated physician panels are online panels in which it is not absolutely certain whether the responding panelist is actually a medical physician or a member of the targeted group of medical specialists (e.g. a specialist for internal medicine).

3.2 Validated physician panel

Validated online physician panels consist of respondents who have presented their professional credentials to confirm that they are indeed physicians. These are, then, real persons whose qualifications are documented.

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