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1 Definition

The pelvis is the portion of the human body which lies between the abdomen and the leg bone (Membrum inferior).

2 Anatomy

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The static base of the pelvis is the bony pelvis. It consists of the two hip bones (ossa coxae) and the sacrum (ossa sacrum), which together form the so-called pelvic girdle.

The cranial opening of the basin is called apertura pelvis superior or pelvic inlet, the caudal is known as apertura pelvis inferior, or pelvic outlet. The span between these two openings is called the pelvic cavity or pelvic canal.

3 Classification

Two sections of the basin are differentiated for humans:

The boundary line between the two sections is defined as the linea terminalis.

4 Clinical observations

The exact dimensions of the pelvis have an important role with respect to giving birth. As part of obstetrics they are therefore treated in a systematic manner as part of pelvic measurements.

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