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Nerve plexus

German: Nervengeflecht

1 Definition

Nerve plexi are plexi of nerve fibers. This term is mainly used for the great nerve plexi with origin in the limbs and the plexi of the autonomous nervous system.

2 Background

The nerve plexus in the limbs arise in their embryonical development. During the development of the limb buds the nerve fibers of the anterior branches (Rami) of the spinal nerves follow the muscle fibers which they innervate. In doing so there are crossing overs and mixtures of the fibers. The results are new nerves, which consists of numerous spinal cords segments. The segmental structure, which is present in the spinal cord, gets lost duriing this process

3 Examples

3.1 Somatic nerve plexi

These plexi arise from the anterior branches of the spinal nerve roots. They innervate the neck and the limbs.

3.2 Vegetative nerve plexi

These plexi innervate autonomicly glands, inner organs and vessels. Some examples are:

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