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NOSPECS-Scheme is a method for grading endocrine ophthalmopathy.

It has first been suggested in 1969 by S.C. Werner and delivers the following classification:

  • Class 0: No signs or symptoms
  • Class 1: Only signs, no symptoms (e. g. lid retraction)
  • Class 2: Soft tissue involvement
  • Class 3: Proptosis
  • Class 4: Extraocular muscle involvement
  • Class 5: Corneal involvement
  • Class 6: Sight loss.

Within classes 1 to 6 the investigator has to differentiate the severeity grades 0, A, B, C.

The NOSPECS-Scheme is widely used but suffers from numerous ambiguities. A more modern and unambiguous graduation is LEMO Classification.


Complete NOSPECS Scheme

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