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NICE-Classification of colon polyps

German: NICE-Klassifikation

1 Definition

The Nice - Classification is a classification for the segmentation of colon polyps, which is based on Narrow Band Imaging (NBI). NICE is an acronym for "NBI-International Colorectal-Endoscopic".

2 Segmentation

The NICE Classification includes colour, vascular pattern as well as surface structure, in order to allow the endoscopic destinction between hyperplastic and adenomatous polyps. In principle the clinical application obtains for small polyps only (< 5 mm or < 10 mm).

2.1 Type 1

Type 1 is characteristical for hyperplastic polyps. Its colour is more bright and similiar to the surface nearby. No vasculature or only isolated blood vessels can be identified, but no vascular patterns. The surface shows dark or bright dots of the same size.

2.2 Type 2

Type 2 is characteristical for adenome. The colour of the polyps is darker (brown) than the surroundings. The vascular pattern shows thicker brown blood vessels and - if so - a bright central area. On the surface are impressive oval, tubular or structures, which are surrounded by blood vessels. The tubuli can occur linear or as a convolute.

2.3 Type 3

Type 3 are malignancy tumors respectively submucosal carcinoma. Its colour is darker than the surroundings. It is brownish, sometimes interfused with brighter spots. The vascular pattern shows areas of interrupted or missing blood vessels. The surface is amorphous or has no regular surface pattern.

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