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Muscle insertion

German: Muskelansatz

1 Definition

The term muscle insertion refers to a certain point of a bone (in some cases also a certain point of a fascia), in which a certain muscle, as well as its force during contraction inserts. The muscle inserts in most cases via a tendon onto the bone.

The muscular insertion should not be confused with the muscle origin.

2 Background

The insertion of a muscle can generally be found at the more mobile part of the structures connected by a muscle. With the muscular contraction, the insertion is moved in directions of the muscle origin. Thus, the muscle insertion can in most cases be described as punctum mobile. However, this does not legitimate the use of the term punctum mobile as synonym.

The muscule insertion can generally adopt the characteritics of the punctum fixum. If the bone where the muscle insertis in gets mechanically fixed, the muscle origin gets moved into the direction of the insertion during the contraction of the muscle.

Concerning the extremities, the basic rule implies that the muscle insertion is located in distal direction.

Specialties: Anatomy

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