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Multifidi muscles

Synonyms: multifid muscles, multifidi
German: Musculi multifidi

1 Definition

The multifidi muscles are skeletal muscles of the muscles of the back. They form part of the medial tract of the erector spinae muscles.

2 Devolution

The multifidi muscles draw from the transverse process (thoracic spine) to the spinous process of the superior vertebra. In the region of the cervical spine, the multifidi muscles originate in the articular processes (superior articular process), and in the region of the lumbar spine, they originate in the mammillary process. The respective origin surfaces reach neighboring vertebral bodies, or, in case of the caudal multifidi, to the sacrum, the posterior sacroiliac ligament and the iliac crest.

The profound muscle parts jump two vertebrae in their course, the superficial parts jump up to 5 vertebral levels.

Caudally, the multifidi end at the sacrum, the last cranial insertion is the caudal surface of the spine of the 2nd cervical vertebra.

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3 Innervation

The innervation of the multifidi muscles is provided by the medial branches of the posterior branches (rami posteriores) of the corresponding segmental spinal nerves.

4 Function

Unilateral contraction of the multifidi muscles leads to a rotation of the spine to the contralateral side, and a lateral flexion to the ipsilateral side. Bilateral contraction of the multifidi muscles leads to an extension of the concerned section of the vertebral column.

5 Clinical presentation

The targeted training of the multifidi (physiotherapy) after surgical procedures in disc herniations is of exceptional importance for the regeneration and improvement of stability of the affected vertebral segments.

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