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Medullary cavity

Latin: Cavum medullare, Cavitas medullaris
German: Markhöhle

1 Definition

The medullary cavitiy is lined with endosteum and is located in the inner part of the bone. It contains the bone marrow.

2 Background

The medullary cavity is generated during the beginning ossification by growing of blood vessels into the new generated bone. It is surrounded by substantia compacta and lined with endosteum. The arterial supply of the bone marrow is provided by arteries, which run through tiny holes inside of the bone substance. They are called foramina nutricia.

Regarding the new born and younger individuals, the majority of the medullary cavitiy contains red, blood-producing bone marrow (medulla ossium rubra). Later on, it gets entirely replaced by yellow, fatty bone marrow (medulla ossium flava).

Specialties: Anatomy

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