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Medical Specialist for Anatomy

Synynom: anatomist
German: Facharzt für Anatomie

Annotation: All given information is with reference of the advanced training in Germany. For other countries there might occur differences)

1 Definition

A medical specialist for anatomy deals with construction, composition and status of the body, its tissues and organs inclusively systematical and topographical-functional aspects as well as embryology.

2 Goal of the Advanced Training

Goal of the advanced training in fields of anatomy is the achievement of medical specialist's competency and expertise after completion of the required advanced training period and the advanced training contents.

3 Period of the Advanced Training

The period of advanced training lasts 48 months with an authorized professional counselor in an authorized training facility pursuant to § 5, passage 1, sentence 1. Corrispondingly, up to 12 months of the areas of pathology and/or forensic medicine can be taken into account. Therefrom 6 months can be taken into account in other areas.

4 Content of the Advanced Training

The advanced training serves the acquirement of knowledge, experience and skill in

Specialties: Anatomy

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