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Lymphatic vessel system

German: Lymphgefäßsystem

1 Definition

The lymphatic vessel system is a one-way system in the human body composed of lymph vessels, whose main function is the return transport of tissue fluid (lymph) from the periphery into the central circulation.

The lymphatic vessel system is part of the lymphatic systems.

2 Anatomy

2.1 Lymphatic trunks (trunci lymphatici)

All vasa lymphatica usually unite in paired lymphatic trunks:

2.2 Main lymph flows

The above-mentioned lymphatic trunks flow into and form the two main lymph flows. The following lymphatic trunks flow into and merge with the ductus thoracicus:

  • truncus jugularis sinister
  • truncus subclavius ​​sinister
  • truncus bronchomediastinalis sinister
  • truncus intestinales dexter et sinister
  • truncus lumbalis dexter et sinister

The remaining lymphatic trunks merge into and form the ductus lymphaticus dexter:

  • truncus jugularis dexter
  • truncus bronchomediastinalis dexter
  • truncus subclavius ​​dexter

Expressed more simply it can be said that the entire lymph of the lower extremities and the upper left half of the body is drained via the thoracic duct, whereas lymph from the upper right half of the body is drained by via the right lymphatic duct.

The main lymphatic trunks open into the left and right angulus venosus, whereby the lymph together with its lymphocytes makes its way into the circulatory system.

3 Physiology

The normal transport capacity of the lymphatic system is in relation to the venous system relatively low at two to four litres of fluid per day. Thus about 10% of the fluid mass filtered through tissue is disposed of through the lymphatic system.

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