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Lymph Node

German: Lymphknoten

1 Definition

Lymph nodes are secondary lymphatic organs and belong to the lymphatic system of the body.

2 Terminology

The correct latin term for the lymph node according to the new nomenclature is "Nodus lymphoideus". However the term could not prevail over the older term "Nodus lymphaticus" in medical linguistic usage.

3 Anatomy

Lymph nodes are round or oval, sometimes rather spindle or bean-shaped organs with a diameter of 2-20 mm. Mostly they are embedded in fatty or connective tissue. They occur single, in groups or in node-chains along lymphatic vessels.

The lymph drains via several afferent lymphatic vessels (Vasa afferentia) into one lymph node. Inside the node, the lymph gets filtered and quits the node via one or several efferent lymphatic vessels (Vasa efferentia).

3.1 Important lymph node regions

Lymph nodes are named after the various regions of the body in which they occur. Important regions are:

  • Lymph nodes of the head
    • Nodi lymphatici retroauriculares
    • Nodi lymphatici parotidei
    • Nodi lymphatici occipitales
    • Nodi lymphatici submandibulares
    • Nodi lymphatici submentales
  • Cervical lymph nodes
    • Nodi lymphatici cervicales superficiales
    • Nodi lymphatici cervicales profundi
  • Mediastinal lymph nodes
  • Axillar lymph nodes
  • Inguinal lymph nodes

4 Function

Lymph nodes are part of the human immune system and take an important part in the defense against infections.

Since every lymph node belongs to a certain anatomical region they are called regional lymph nodes, referring to their anatomical region. The area of which the lymph is drained into one particular regional lymph node is called drainage area or "tributary region".

5 Clinical signification

The inspection of the lymph nodes is an important part of the physical exmination. Swellings of the lymph nodes can be hinting at processes of inflammation (Lymphadenitis) or malignant diseases (e.g. Lymphoma).

Specialties: Anatomy

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