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Lumbar nerve

Synonym: nervus lumbalis
German: Nervus lumbalis

1 Definition

Nervi lumbales refers to the 5 paired spinal nerves, which emerge from the lumbar spinal column. The associated spinal cord segments are numbered L1 to L5.

2 Anatomy

The nervi lumbales branch out - immediately after leaving the foramen intervertebralia - into anterior and posterior branches.

The anterior or ventral branches of the segments L1 to L3 together form the plexus lumbalis. It takes in further fibres from the adjacent segments Th12 and L4. The anterior branches of the segments L4 and L5 together form the truncus lumbosacralis.

The posterior branches of nervi lumbales supply the autochthonous back muscles (eg musculus erector spinae), and the skin of the upper and middle buttock regions .

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