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Lower leg muscles

Synonym: Muscles of the lower leg, calf muscles
German: Unterschenkelmuskulatur

1 Definition

The lower leg muscles are a group of skeletal muscles at the lower leg.

2 Structure

From ontogenetic point of view, the lower leg muscles can be functionally divided into two groups: Extensors and flexors.

The extensors are located at the anterior and lateral area of the lower leg, and they again can be divided into:

The flexors lie in the posterior region of the lower leg, and they are divided into a superficial and a deep flexor group by a deep leaf of the lower leg fascia (crural fascia).

The crural fascia is connected to the anterior and posterior edge of the fibula by connective tissue septa. Thus, you can differentiate between the muscle septa anterior intermuscular crural septum and posterior intermuscular crural septum.

By connections between the fascia leaves, the middle tibiofibular ligament, and the intermuscular septa, three muscle compartments can be delimitated a t the lower leg:

3 Division

3.1 Extensor compartment

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3.2 Flexor compartment

The flexor compartment of the lower leg in total is also called calf muscles. It consists of:

3.3 Fibular compartment

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