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LEMO Classification

German: LEMO-Klassifikation

1 Definition

LEMO Classification is faceted classification that provides a modern and differentiated approach for staging endocrine opthalmopathy. It is intended to complement the NOSPECS Scheme. Four finding-categories "lid affections", "exophthalmus", "muscular affection" and "optical nerve affection" are associated with integer values between 0 and 4, depending on the grade of severity.

LEMO Classification has first been suggested in 1991 by Boergen and Pickardt.

2 Graduation

2.1 Lid Affection (L)

  • 0: missing
  • 1: lid edema only
  • 2: real retraction (impaired lid closing)
  • 3: retraction and upper lid edema
  • 4: retraction and global lid edema

2.2 Exophthalmus (E)

  • 0: missing
  • 1: eye closing not impaired
  • 2: conjunctival injection in the morning
  • 3: persistent conjunctival injection
  • 4: corneal complications

2.3 Muscular Affection (M)

2.4 Optical Nerve Affection (O)

  • 0: missing
  • 1: regarding color vision only or detected via VEP
  • 2: peripheral scotoma
  • 3: central scotoma

Thus, the stadium L1E1M2O0 denotes endocrine opthalmopathy with lid edema, exophthalmus and pseudoparesis of external eye muscles.

3 References

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